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17 January 2010 @ 08:52 pm
The GazettE: Crucify Sorrow  



You're a crushed bug inside of it's motled shell
Drowning without a head

You're being kept and killed from the bottom of your bound heart
"It seems my senses are surfacing through my dreams"
The lonliness of reality is harder to bear than the pain of the imaginary
"And I'm going to end up as ash"
The words of sadness that overflowed from your mouth enwrapped you completely

What do the pictures that overlapped you when I last saw you, their denoted intent, wish for?
"The image of a wingless butterfly falling"
You can't touch the silent shadow, its eyes cast downward
You can't understand eachother, and so are consumed by rotting grief

The wind that blew on  he day you were born pierces your body
Do you remember warmth?
"At least..."
Your burdens won't go away, but
Hope for that 'someday', when you'll be able to laugh once again

No matter how much you blame and destroy yourself
No matter how much you hate what burdens you
You'll get nothing

When I last saw you, you were forcing your cramped legs forword at the bottom of a lonliness you couldn't grasp
'Ah, a rotten image'
The inverted shadow, it's eyes cast down, turned to dust that will never go away
And so you're consumed by an unfestering pain

You love places the sun doesn't reach 
The ants crawling along the ground swarm together and devour 
Jealousy that resembles envy and
Your sad, bleeding shadow

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