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exist†trace's first mini album; the rest of their current discography to come.
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08 April 2015 @ 03:11 am


Welcome to nyakko_yakushi , an request-based all J-rock translation community.
Membership to this community is open, as are all posts, and will remain so provided that no problems arise. All translations are done by tonbo_no_arashiHere are a few general rules/ faqs:

  • Requests may be made via private message to tonbo_no_arashi, or through email to gaikotsu-no-kakumei@hotmail.co.jp. Please refrain from making requests in the comments of posts, as this is hard to keep track of.
  • As long as it's a J-rock band or artist, requesting is not genre specific. Visual Kei, indies, major...as long as it can be classified as 'rock', you may request it.
  • For the time being, I will only accept text requests, meaning in the form of a magazine article,  lyrics ect. I may extend this to video interviews in the future, depending on demand.
  • You must provide the source of your request. If you would like a translation of a magazine article, please provide me the link to the scans of it.jrock_scans is likey to have anything you're looking for. With lyrics, scans are not necessary, but if possible a Japanese transcript of them is perferable.
 Crediting & Use of Translations:
  • Please do not redistribute my work; a link back to this community is fine, but please do not copy+paste a whole translation and re-post it on another community or your own journal. Small portions or quotes is fine, however, as long as you link back.
  • Translations are a lot of work; they are time consuming, and sometimes challenging. Therefore, credit is always necessary. If I find that people are redistributing my translations and claiming them as they're own, I will be forced to make membership necessary here. Please credit both me as a user and the community, eg. tonbo_no_arashi @ nyakko_yakushi
  • That being said, please feel free to use my translations as you wish, following the guidelines above.

So that's it! Please feel free to join/watch for translations and further updates. Until then enjoy and request away!